Tipsters of San Diego

Social Coming Soon!

Our next social is Saturday, January 20 for dinner. The menu includes: Penne Pasta with Tequila Lime Chipotle Cream Sauce with Tender Chicken Strip Trip Tip of Beef Cedar Planked Salmon Rice Pilaf with Wild Rice and Mushrooms Grilled Fresh Vegetables Fresh Spinach and Romaine Salad Hot Garlic Focaccia Bread Doesn’t that sound delicious?  If […]


22 Crazy Questions Travel Agents Have Been Asked, In No Special Order

By Sandy Luebben. 1. Can I fish off of the cruise ship? 2. Do they speak English in Britain? 3. Can I bring a 12 pack of Tab on the plane? (Agent responds: First of all, where did you find Tab? And, no, you can’t bring it on the plane). 4. Are there toll roads on the way to Hawaii? 5. Can you […]