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Andrea Sills

Landscape DesignerSills Landscape Design
Cell Phone: 858-603-0088Website: Sills Landscape Design


Photo of Andrea Sills

Andrea Sills earned a B.A. in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley. After working for four years in that profession, she decided 22 years ago to begin designing stylish, personalized landscape designs for home and business owners in the beautiful climate enjoyed in San Diego. Her work has been featured on HGTV, in The San Diego Union-Tribune, and in San Diego Magazine.

Company Information

Landscape Designer’s License No. B1993006727. Andrea Sills provides one-time landscape consultations or comprehensive landscape design drawings for either home or business owners on projects of all sizes, in any style suitable to the clients’ tastes and architectural needs. She can work closely with landscape contractors and others involved with a project. Clients can improve their property values, their business profitability and their enjoyment of life through gorgeous landscaping.  Referring to a Sills-designed bungalow’s landscaping, North Park historian Don Covington said that, “(The) landscaping (is) one of the best he’s seen on a California bungalow.” ~ The San Diego Union Tribune, March 3, 2002.  ”Thanks for designing such wonderful plans!” ~ Mr. & Mrs. Wu. “Andrea was able to incorporate our many ideas and desires into a unique design.  Our once barren landscape is now a peaceful park-like setting of colorful plants, pottery and fruit trees.  We love it!” ~ Mr. & Mrs. Collins. “Thank you for helping us shape our project with such care and detail, it has been invaluable.” ~ Mr. & Mrs. Elleson. “Just want to say thanks.  You came up with a design that included so many interesting and drought tolerant plants that I know I will always find something interesting going on out there!… I’m delighted with the design and the effort you put into it.  It was a pleasure working with you on it.” ~ Mr. & Mrs. Roberts.

Please visit and call Andrea Sills at (858) 603-0088 to schedule an appointment.